Quartz countertops are super popular, and for good reason; quartz countertops are low maintenance, easy to clean, and stain and bacteria resistant, not to mention gorgeous. If you’ve been shopping for quartz countertops, you might have heard the brand name Cambria®. So, what’s the deal? Does brand matter?

What’s the deal with Cambria®?

Cambria® is just a brand name of quartz countertop products, just like Colgate® is a brand of dental care products. And just like with toothpaste there are other brands like Aquafresh® and Crest®, there are different brands of quartz countertops as well. Sure, each brand is going to say that their product is the best, but it’s pretty subjective, often boiling down to the buyer’s personal preferences and price point.

Kowalski Granite & Quartz doesn’t carry Cambria® products, but we do carry other brands of quartz, including Mont Quartz, COLORQUARTZ, Silestone, and others. These other brands encompass the same selection in terms of colors and patterns of quartz and product quality, and they have products highly comparable to Cambria® quartz countertops.

Does brand matter?

Only to your wallet. Cambria® brand quartz isn’t inherently better than other brands of quartz, but it is more expensive. We don’t believe in paying more for a product that’s not materially better or different than a more affordable option, which is why we offer other quartz brands in our extensive selection.

Another thing about Cambria® is that it’s an exclusive brand, meaning that only certain dealers, designers, and builders can sell it, and you can’t purchase it directly from Cambria®. This means that you’re paying a middleman, which can also up the price. The sellers often get commissions or kickbacks, so they might have incentive to promote Cambria®  over better-priced options.

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