A granite remnant is a portion of a slab that is excess from a previous job. A granite orphan is a singular slab that contains colors or patterns that cannot be matched. Both have unique applications such as countertops, vanities, tables and many other pieces. Keep reading to find out how a granite remnant or orphan might be perfect for your project.



Granite Remnant

What is a granite remnant?

Granite is generally sold by the slab. When the work is complete, there are usually leftovers that aren’t big enough to be used again for large jobs but are still a reasonable size and can be repurposed for other projects. These smaller pieces are called granite remnants. If you only need to use a moderate amount of granite, you may be able to find a remnant that will match your needs without purchasing an entire slab.

How are granite remnants used?

Remnants are often used for smaller projects. While it will be difficult to find a remnant large enough to handle a complete kitchen re-do, there will be many great options perfect for a contrasting kitchen island or backsplash. Bathroom vanities or small tables are perfect jobs for remnants as well.


Why choose a granite remnant?

The greatest advantage of granite remnants is the price. Because it can’t be sold as part of a slab, and would otherwise be cast away, remnants are often highly discounted. Some retailers sell all remnants by a flat rate per square foot, so if you’re willing to browse through their catalog, you may find rare and exotic pieces priced well below market value.


The price may be discounted, but not the quality. Granite remnants are just as strong as the original slab, with all the character of their close relative. If you have a reasonably sized project you want to make truly unique, a granite remnant will give you the brilliance of natural stone for a great value.


Granite Orphan

What is a granite orphan?

An orphan is the only piece of granite left of its kind. Natural stone contains many variations, some are unrepeatable. A granite orphan occurs when a slab of stone is so unique that you won’t find a match for it. It is more difficult to sell because many jobs require coordinating pieces of stone, but if you’re looking for a rare and distinctive granite pattern to use as a focal point for your home, a granite orphan would make the perfect addition to your project.

How are granite orphans used?

Granite orphans are ideal for projects that require at most a single slab. A small kitchen or decently sized bathroom would fit this requirement. Orphans could furnish an accent piece like a fireplace mantle, windowsills, or matching side tables. The rare patterns in the natural stone make orphans inimitable and exclusive.


Why choose a granite orphan?

Orphans are very unique, so they are more difficult to sell for large jobs that involve multiple slabs. For this reason, they are often available for a lower cost. Similar to a granite remnant, smaller projects are ideal uses for orphans. They offer savings with the possibility of a truly remarkable piece of stone, one that is sure to increase the elegance and value of your completed project.

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