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Quartz is an engineered stone that is extremely popular for kitchen and bath countertops because of its beautiful, contemporary appearance and impressive performance characteristics. It is less porous than natural stone, which means that it won’t harbor bacteria, and it outperforms natural stone in stain resistance and easy of care, without requiring periodic sealing.

Kowalski Granite and Quartz does not carry Cambria® brand quartz products. There is no material difference in Cambria® quartz and other quartz countertops in either appearance or performance; the only difference is in price. We don’t believe you should have to pay more just for the brand name!

Below you’ll find a few of our Quartz products. Please visit our showroom to view the over 500+ options available to you!

Care & Maintenance

Care of quartz countertops and surfaces is extremely easy; simply wipe down with soap and water or non-abrasive household cleaner. Avoid using cleansers which contain bleach, however.

While quartz surfaces resist heat and scratching, use hot pads or trivets when placing hot items on quartz surfaces, and use cutting boards when cutting on quartz surfaces; doing so will enhance the longevity of the countertop.

We are stone artisans. Every stone slab is an open canvas for our skill and creativity.

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