When you think of granite, you probably think of countertops. After all, that’s what most people use granite for. And rightfully so, granite is an attractive, durable, and heat-resistance material that makes for the perfect counter surface in a home. But granite’s good qualities also make it a great material for so many other unique and gorgeous applications.


Granite is an excellent countertop material, that we’ve established. And what’s the difference between the surface of a counter and the surface of a table? Not much. We’ve seen granite used to make a statement on impressive, long, boardroom tables, serve as a focal point of a living space as the surface of a coffee table, or serve as accent pieces on matching end tables.

Fireplaces and mantels

Unlike quartz and other countertop materials, granite is remarkably heat resistant. This means that it can be used near heat – like the heat of a working fireplace. If you’re not a big fan of brick, fieldstone, or concrete, granite could be just the material for your fireplace. It’s so unique, it’s sure to be a statement piece in your living room.


Granite has excellent performance characteristics, but it’s also a gorgeous and luxurious material. Granite clocks have elegance and a luxury feel that make them timeless ornaments for your home or office.


Art isn’t relegated to marble busts of Greek gods and goddesses, granite is an equally attractive material for gorgeous art installations that would look good in your home, yard, or office.


If you’re interested in incorporating granite into your home or place of business, whether it be countertops, fireplace mantels, or something else altogether, call Kowalski Granite & Quartz. We’re granite experts with experience in a variety of granite applications, and have an extensive selection of granite slabs from which to choose!