Quartz remnants are a great way to use solid stone for smaller projects like tabletops, vanities, and even small kitchen countertops without paying solid slab prices. Remnants are pieces leftover from other large projects. While they vary in size, color, and pattern, remnants are just as strong and beautiful as the original slab, and much more affordable if you’re completing a project on a budget. When shopping for quartz remnants, here are 5 things you should keep in mind:

#1 Quartz Remnant Project Size

What’s the size of the job you’re working on? Do you need a lot of stone to cover kitchen countertops, or could you use a remnant for a contrasting island? Quartz remnants typically can accommodate small to medium-sized projects, but each one can vary in size and singularity.

Have measurements on hand when browsing the remnant store at your local stone supplier’s showroom, and bring a measuring tape to make sure your favorite remnants will accommodate your project. You may even be able to find multiple small pieces you can combine for work on a larger project.

#2 Quartz Remnant Design

When choosing the ideal quartz remnant for your project, you’ll want to make sure the color of the stone matches the palette of the room you’ll be using it in. If the rest of the room has bright colors, patterns, or complex designs, consider a neutral quartz remnant surface that won’t distract or detract from the rest of the space. Or, if your room is fairly neutral already, consider making your quartz project the focal point of the room. When you use a remnant as a small design feature, you can get away with a bolder design.

#3 Quartz Surface Edge Style

Quartz remnants used for surfaces, whether for a kitchen countertop, coffee table, or bathroom vanity, should be finished with a special edge style that complements the stone’s style and your room’s design. A chiseled or natural edge can have a rustic feel, while a beveled edge is more formal. The ogee edge is commonly used for farmhouse style countertops, where a simple rounded edge can make the countertop appear thinner and more sleek.

A reputable stone supplier can make sure the stone is cut to the right size for your project and completed to your desired style with all edges finished according to your specifications.

#4 Quartz Surface Installation

Once you’ve picked out your quartz remnant and had it shaped and finished according to your project specifications, your stone supplier will help arrange the installation of your new quartz surface. During delivery, they will be respectful of your home and your other furniture, and even use mats to protect flooring while carrying the heavy stone into your home. Once the stone has been installed, they will make sure it is steady and secure, so it will continue to be a durable piece in your home for many years to come.

#5 Other Ways to Use Quartz Remnants

Quartz remnants are an extremely durable engineered stone surface that is non-porous and scratch, heat, and stain resistant, making it a great stone choice for a number of home projects. If while shopping in the remnant store you find a remnant you love, here are some ideas that quartz remnants are perfect for:

  • Statement shelves
  • Desktops
  • Coffee tables
  • Kitchen or bathroom backsplashes
  • Charcuterie boards 
  • Bookends
  • Garden paving stones

If a quartz remnant is the perfect option for your next project, be sure to stop on into Kowalski Quartz & Granite for the ultimate selection at the best price. Our remnant store is currently chock full of beautiful options, all deeply discounted. Plus, we’ll help you cut and shape any remnant you choose to ensure it fits your home perfectly. For more information about our services or remnant store, reach out to our team today.

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