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Are you upgrading your kitchen and asking yourself, “Can my kitchen island have a different countertop material?

We get that question a lot. Here at Kowalski Granite and Quartz, we’re countertop experts, so we’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

Can My Kitchen Island Have a Different Countertop Material?

Yes! Of course, your kitchen island material can differ from your other counters. Your home needs to make you happy, and you have as much creative freedom as you want when remodeling. In fact, many homeowners prefer their island to be the statement piece of the room, so they opt for contrasting materials. 

Let’s take a look at some of the popular combinations of countertops and cabinetry so you can find the perfect look for your new kitchen!

Trending Kitchen Island Countertop and Cabinetry Combinations

1. Black and White Contrast

If you want to create visual interest in a room, using contrasting colors of black and white is the perfect way to do that. Since they’re neutral colors, they can seamlessly be added into a lot of different spaces and aesthetically please many styles. 

At Kowalski Granite and Quartz, we’re currently offering stunning granite slabs in the color Titanium – black with gray coloring throughout. This would pair beautifully with our granite in the color Sucuri, which is white with a subtle grey veining throughout it.

Style Tip: If you really want to take this combination up a notch, consider adding brass hardware and accents to the room!


2. Butcher Block Islands With Granite Counters

The farmhouse style rose in popularity years ago, and it’s here to stay in a big way. The most prominent features of the farmhouse style include wrought iron accents, wood elements, barn doors, and more. One of the ways you can lean into this trend in your kitchen is by making your island countertop a butcher block. 

Butcher block countertops come in an assortment of wood types, so it’s easy to find a shade that will go well with your remaining countertops. We love the idea of a warm-toned butcher block island with our granite countertops in African Rainbow (a combination of tan, brown, grey, and black).

Style Tip: White cabinets paired with this combination will offer a sensational contrast with the wood island and granite countertops while adding to the farmhouse aesthetic.

african rainbow

3. Bold Marbled Island With Solid Surrounding Countertops

If you’re upgrading your kitchen island, why not take this opportunity to make it the statement piece of the room? One of the ways you can do this is by making your island surface a bold marbled material with two contrasting colors. Then, choose one of those two colors and find countertops in that solid color for the rest of the room. 

Style Tip: Kowalski Granite and Quartz offers an extensive collection of granite and quartz remnants in every size and color, all deeply discounted. One of these remnants would be perfect for your statement island countertop! 


4. Bright Colored Cabinets With Subtle Countertops

Opt for colorful cabinets if you want to add bright colors to a kitchen but keep the countertops more subtle. After all, who says your cabinets have to be wood or white or another neutral shade? 

One of our most unique quartz countertops offerings is Topaz. It’s a white base with green, blue, and yellow specs. This material is one-of-a-kind and fun without being over the top. It’d pair fantastically with turquoise cabinets for a fresh, vibrant look. 

Style Tip: When pairing your Topaz countertops with turquoise cabinets, you have two options for the island’s base. You can match your cabinets with turquoise to create a cohesive look. Or, you can make the base white to ensure the island really stands out. 


5. Calming Shades of Grey

For some homeowners, the kitchen is their happy space, and they want it to exude inviting yet calm energy. One way to do this is by utilizing neutral, tranquil shades of grey. Why not dabble with a few different shades of grey?

Our Classic Calcutta quartz countertops have an off-white base color with grey veining throughout. This material as a top for an island would pair well with surrounding countertops in our Purity shade, which is mostly light grey with some white speckling. 

Style Tip: To match the airy feel of these countertops, give Lucite cabinet hardware a try. Lucite is an acrylic plastic resin, and its crystal transparency helps to contribute to an open space. 


Take Your Kitchen Island to the Next Level

Are you looking for a show-stopping, eye-catching kitchen island countertop? We can help. At Kowalski Granite & Quartz, we offer gorgeous slabs of natural stones like granite, quartz, and marble. Depending on your home’s style and design, any of them can make for a beautiful solution. Stop by our showroom and take a look or contact us online for more information.

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