Is your kitchen in desperate need of a makeover? It’s time to take the leap and go for it! Updating your kitchen is one of the best things you can do to boost the value of your home. To learn how you can upgrade your kitchen and what will affect the kitchen remodel ROI–read on! 

What’s the Average ROI of a Kitchen Remodel?

How high or low your kitchen remodel ROI will depend on the extent of your upgrades. Check out these average ROI estimates for kitchen remodels from Zillow!

You might just want to tweak a few elements here and there, or, you could embark on a complete makeover. Here’s what you can expect as an average ROI for your kitchen remodel, based on the amount of work you plan to complete:

Basic Kitchen Remodel

  • Predicted ROI: 81%
  • Goal: Update and refresh your kitchen
  • Expected Cost Range: $15,000-$25,500
  • Typical Projects: Replace countertops ($3,500-$6,500), refurbish cabinets ($1,500-$3,500), paint walls/ceiling/trim ($750-$2,000), replace plumbing fixtures ($750-$2,500), etc. 

Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel

  • Predicted ROI: 59%
  • Goal: Remove and replace crucial elements in your kitchen
  • Expected Cost Range: $30,000-$75,000
  • Typical Projects: Install new cabinets ($7,500-$15,500), upgrade countertops to a quality material ($3,500-$7,000), upgrade existing appliances with energy efficient versions ($3,800-$8,500), trade out lighting fixtures for modern versions ($1,000-$2,500), add visual interest with a tile backsplash ($1,000-$2,500), etc. 

Deluxe Kitchen Remodel

  • Predicted ROI: 53%
  • Goal: Redesign and renovate
  • Expected Cost Range: $75,000-$125,000+
  • Typical Projects: Open the space by removing walls (price varies), create workstations with new countertops ($7,500-$10,000+), invest in modern appliances ($12,500-$20,000), replace flooring ($4,500-$7,500), add various style elements such as crown molding/glass tile backsplash/hidden undercabinet electrical outlets ($1,000+)

In summary, a basic kitchen remodel will offer you the greatest net ROI. If you’re planning to move and sell your home, this is what you should prioritize to get the most bang for your buck. 

An extensive kitchen remodel still delivers a significant ROI, but it’s the best option if you’re planning to stay in your home long term and make it perfect for you. 

3 Ways To Get The Best ROI For Your Kitchen Remodel

When you’re giving your kitchen a revamp, it’s important to know what elements will positively contribute to the kitchen remodel ROI (return on investment). Here are three upgrades you can make that are sure to boost that ROI.

1. Upgrade Your Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, you should invest in materials that not only look beautiful, but wear well and are long-lasting. After all, you don’t want to spend money on counters only to have to replace them again in a few years. Luckily, new countertops are one of the least expensive and easiest things you can update in your kitchen. 

Today, granite is one of the most popular countertop materials among homeowners. It can boost your home’s value by up to 25 percent of its retail cost! Kowalski offers first-in-class granite counters, as well as quartz, marble, and more. 

2. Invest In Quality Cabinets

Typically, cabinets are the first thing that guests notice when they enter your kitchen. Investing in attractive and fully-functional cabinets is crucial to your home’s ROI. 

Depending on your budget, you can update your cabinets by painting them, refacing them, or changing the hardware. If you’re going for a full-scale kitchen remodel, solid wood cabinets will always hold their value over MDF and manufactured wood options.

3. Consider New and Energy-Efficient Appliances 

For some homebuyers, appliances will make or break their opinion on a kitchen. If the appliances are old and outdated, we recommend upgrading to newer models. 

Appliance consistency is also important to a lot of people and the mix and match look repels most buyers. Invest in appliances that match (stainless steel remains the most popular material) and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the room. 

Invest in Your Kitchen Today

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