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Scratches and chips happen in stone countertops. The point of having beautiful natural stone countertops is to use and enjoy them, and eventually, they will get damaged. While slight wear can give your stone countertops character and make them look loved, at some point scratches or chips are not endearing and need to be fixed.

If your stone countertops are scratched or have chips, they can be repaired! Kowalski Granite and Stone fortunately provides a lifetime warranty for our customers to protect against scratches and Chips. But in the case where you bought your countertops somewhere else, let’s explore the repair process. Whether it’s marble, quartz, or granite, let’s learn how to repair your chipped and scratched stone countertops and get them back in pristine condition.

What if I Scratch my Stone Countertop?

Our first recommendation is always to consult a professional to help protect your countertop investment. Remember, if you bought the countertop from Kowalski Granite and Stone, you have a lifetime guarantee for scratches and chips. If you decide to pursue the DIY path for repairs, we have some advice to help you with the process below.

How to Repair Scratched Marble Countertops

Marble is a relatively soft and porous stone, so it can be scratched more easily. Deep scratches should always be repaired by a professional to preserve the integrity and natural beauty of the stone. If you notice light scratches, you may be able to repair them yourself.

Using fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool, buff the area as gently as you can. Try not to add more scratches to the one you’re trying to smooth out. Once the area looks even, use water to rinse away any minerals. Then, follow up with a marble sealant to cover the area once the scratch has been removed.

For deeper scratches, you may need to have the marble countertop refinished. A professional will remove a tiny amount of stone from the surface and then reseal the whole countertop. This process will restore the stone to its original pristine state.

How to Repair Scratched Quartz Countertops

Extremely durable manufactured quartz stone is difficult to scratch, but it does happen. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to repair.

Quartz is fabricated using stone pieces and resin to bind them together. You can make a seamless quartz countertop repair for scratches, nicks, and pits using a special epoxy resin formulated for this purpose. Fill the crack with clear or colored epoxy resin and allow it to cure for at least 24 hours. If you see or feel any excess resin, use a razor blade to gently smooth out the area.

If you’ve found some damage you’re not sure how to repair, consult your local professional stone supplier. While you can likely fix scratched quartz countertops on your own, your local supplier will have the high-quality materials you need to make a seamless repair. 

How to Repair Scratched Granite Countertops

Granite is a tough material and not very susceptible to scratches, but scratches can happen. If you notice a small scratch, you should know how to repair granite countertops.

Similar to marble countertops, you can repair scratched granite countertops using a fine sanding block or steel wool very gently. Once you’ve buffed out small scratches, you’ll want to apply two coats of sealant, but be sure to let the first layer dry completely (about 48 hours) before applying the second. 

Because granite is a particularly hard stone, you should only attempt to repair granite countertops yourself if the scratch is hardly noticeable and superficial. If you aren’t sure you can safely DIY, or the scratch is deeper or in a visible spot, it’s best to have someone take over who has experience working with and repairing granite countertops.

What if I Chip my Stone Countertop?

Our initial advice for a chip in your countertop is the same as for a scratch, call us so we can help. Especially if you purchase from Kowalski and have our lifetime scratch and chip warranty. A stone countertop requires a significant investment and a professional should fix it properly whenever possible. If you are up for the DIY challenge, we have some tips on the repair process below to help you.

Fixing a Chip in a Quartz Countertop

To fix a chip in a quartz countertop, you will need a quartz repair kit that matches the color of your countertop.

First, clean the chipped area thoroughly with soap and water, and then dry it completely.

Apply the adhesive from the repair kit into the chip, ensuring it’s slightly overfilled to account for settling and shrinking. Use a razor blade or putty knife to remove extra glue, making the surface even with the countertop.

Once the glue is completely dry, follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Carefully sand the fixed spot with fine sandpaper until it is even with the countertop.

Fixing a Chip in a Granite Countertop

Repairing a chip in a granite countertop involves a similar process but requires a granite repair kit.

Clean the area around the chip with a mixture of soap and water and dry it thoroughly.

Follow the instructions in the kit to mix the epoxy solution. Try to match the color of your countertop as closely as possible. Fill the chip with the mixed epoxy, overfilling it slightly. After the epoxy has hardened — typically within 24 hours — use a razor blade to scrape off the excess, leveling it with the countertop surface.

Finish by polishing the repaired area with a soft cloth and granite polish to restore its shine.

Fixing a Chip in a Marble Countertop

To repair a chip in a marble countertop, you will need a marble repair kit.

As with quartz and granite, start by cleaning the chipped area with soap and water and dry it completely.

If the kit includes a color mix, adjust the epoxy to match your marble’s color before applying it to the chip. Overfill the chip with the epoxy, allowing for shrinkage. Once the epoxy has set — the time will vary based on the product — use a razor blade to carefully remove any excess, making the repaired area level with the surrounding surface.

If necessary, sand the repair gently. After that, use marble polish to improve its appearance and make it blend in with the rest of the countertop.

Tips to Avoid a Scratched Stone Countertop

If you’ve just learned how to repair your scratched quartz countertop or are looking for ways to avoid scratches in the future, here are some helpful tips:

  • Always use a cutting board to prevent scratches and spilling juices or oils that may damage the stone (particularly with marble).
  • Have an abundant supply of coasters and use them under everything.
  • Place heavy pans on trivets or towels and never slide them across the countertop.
  • Use cleaning agents that are safe for stone and avoid abrasive cleaning materials. When in doubt, go with a gentle soap and water rinse.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance, including cleaning and sealing to protect your countertop from stains and scratches.
  • Consult your local stone supplier with any specific care questions.

Whether you need to repair granite countertops or fix scratches in another type of countertop, whenever you’re in doubt it’s best to call a professional. Particularly for deep scratches or highly visible ones, it’s better to get the job done right the first time than risk making the problem worse.

A scratched stone countertop might seem like a nightmare, but here at Kowalski Granite & Quartz, we’re always available to help. If your stone counters have seen a bit of wear and tear, just give us a call. We’re happy to help you get your counters back in top condition.

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