If you’ve found yourself stuck at home this spring, why not make the most of your outdoor spaces? Upgrade your backyard with a new dining area, patio, or entertainment space. Choose granite remnants for your next project and start enjoying the outdoors while in the privacy and safety of your own yard.  So what are the best outdoor applications for Granite Remnants?

What Are Granite Remnants?

Granite remnants are small pieces of stone that are leftover from previous granite projects. They have all the beauty and integrity of the original slab, but since they are smaller and not whole, they aren’t large enough to be used for traditional-sized jobs. Granite remnants make beautiful additions to home projects that are more modest in size and don’t require a whole slab to complete. Instead of throwing the leftover pieces of granite countertops away, repurpose granite remnants for your outdoor projects!

We’ve collected a few excellent uses of granite remnants for outdoor projects, from an outdoor kitchen to new patio. Now is a great time to plan for the future, when you can share the outdoors with friends and family around a beautiful new feature built with granite remnants.

Outdoor Applications for Granite Remnants

Granite remnants are great for use outdoors. Their stunning patterns compliment any backyard space and modestly-sized projects can be easily accommodated with remnants. Here are a few of our favorite easy to maintain outdoor applications for granite remnants and natural stone.

Granite Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

A great way to use granite outside is in your new outdoor kitchen and dining area. Imagine a beautiful and solid granite remnant countertop where you can prepare meals for the grill or oven. Or, use a unique pattern of granite for an outdoor dining table for guests to gather around. Granite remnants make great bar tops as well. Don’t forget to include a wine rack or shelves for bar supplies, as well as a sink to set an ice bucket or trays.

Another great addition to any outdoor kitchen or dining area would be kitchen accessories utilizing shaped granite remnants. A custom serving tray or a unique cutting board and add some creative design to your outdoor space.

You can use granite on a fireplace mantle or as part of the base. A double-sided fireplace onto a backyard deck or screened porch can be enjoyed year-round.

Build Your Own Patio With Granite Remnants

Use granite to make your own textured patio. With this project you don’t have to use a solid slab. A broken remnant or granite blocks can be placed in the ground under shady trees to make a lovely outdoor gathering space. Fill in the gaps between the granite pieces with small stones or moss if your yard is shady and cool. Add a big umbrella or outdoor furniture to help you enjoy your new granite remnant patio.

Outdoor Entertainment Area

Granite remnants can easily accommodate large tabletop projects. Construct a wide, low table for an entertainment area in your yard. Leave plenty of room for many chairs to fit around the outside. Consider building a recessed fire pit in the middle with a lighting mechanism and fuel system disguised cleverly in loose stones. Using unique and colorful granite remnants, your upgraded backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Granite Remnant Garden Accents

Use granite on benches or other accents in the garden. Choose a granite remnant for a solid benchtop that has earth tones to blend well with the soil and plants or select a bright color for a contrasting accent piece. Leftover granite can be used on other projects, like an elegant birdbath, stepping stones, or abstract sculpture.

Why Use Granite Remnants?

Granite remnants are a great choice because while their size might limit them for larger jobs like kitchen or master bathroom renovations, they are often perfect for outdoor projects. They can typically be purchased at discounted prices because they are recycled from previous jobs. Granite remnants can fulfill the needs of your outdoor dining or entertainment space without a lot of waste, making them an environmental choice for your next project.

Choosing the Right Granite Remnants for Outdoors

When selecting a piece of granite for use outdoors where it is open to the sky and elements, it’s important that it has zero fissures or cracks. If the granite has any spaces water can get into and freeze, it could cause your beautiful piece to break apart as the water expands. Granite with mesh backing is not recommended for uncovered outdoor use because the backing sometimes indicates structural deficiency such as fissures.

Other details to look out for are iron in the material, which can deposit rust over time spent outdoors. Also, materials with a resin coating may fade at different rates when exposed to inconsistent sunlight.

There are many types of granite and granite remnants suitable for open, uncovered areas with colors and close-grained patterns that are sure to match your design. Some recommended materials include:

African Tapestry

Azul Platino

Black Absolute

Blue Paradiso

Blue Pearl Royal

Butterfly Green

Dakota Mahogany


Impala Black

Ivory Chiffon

Mist Black


Moon White

Oyster Pearl


Red Flame

Silver Cloud


Star Galazy


Tropic Brown

Volga Blue

and more!

Granite remnants are a cost-effective option to add beauty and style to any outdoor space. No matter what your project, Kowalski Granite & Quartz has the granite remnants you need. Ask us about all of the options we have available, in a variety of sizes and colors, all offered at a deeply discounted rate. Reach out to us online to get started.

Kowalski Granite & Quartz understands that the world climate is harsh right now and it’s difficult to be separated from friends and family. That’s why it’s our commitment to serve our community and help support one another through this challenge. We’re proud to help our customers make the most of their projects with granite and stone to not only enjoy their home and separated spaces, but look forward to good times ahead spent with loved ones gathered around a big table, kitchen countertop, or granite remnant outdoor fireplace. 

For a limited time, if you send in a drawing and plan of your solid stone needs, we can provide a real time estimate for your next project. Then, we can schedule a time to prepare and install your new stone piece as soon as possible. Feel free to email our team any time with questions or concerns at info@kowalskigranitecenter.com

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