When we think of countertops, we think of two primary locations for them: the kitchen and the bathroom. But really, there are many other places where countertops could be a beautiful and functional addition to your home. When it comes to countertops, think outside the kitchen with these ideas for countertops in other rooms.

Breakfast Nook or Bay Window

If your dining area has a breakfast nook, installing a countertop in that space would be a unique and space saving replacement for a table. Plus, putting a countertop in against the windows would ensure you a beautiful view when you’re drinking your morning coffee. Even if you don’t have a breakfast nook per se, any bay window could be a good place to install a countertop that you could use as a table or desk. 

Laundry Room

In traditional laundry room (sometimes just laundry closet) designs, there’s never enough space to fold and stack clean laundry. Instead, you’re stuck stacking folded items atop the washer and dryer… and moving them when you need to open either machine. Installing countertops in your laundry room can beautify the space a little bit, as well as provide you with a much needed work surface.

Small Nooks and Corners

Utility rooms, duct work, and staircases can all make for some awkward nooks around the house. These spaces are often out of the way or tucked into a corner, not making them very useful for placing a TV or much else; however, a countertop in these areas can turn them into a cute, functional desk space for penning a quick note or your grocery list.

In a Large Walk-in Closet

Why buy a vanity for your walk-in when you can build one into your closet? Especially if you’re planning on built-in shelving in your closet, a countertop can provide you the perfect vanity space for applying makeup and storing your jewelry. Plus, durable stone countertops can resist stains, scratches, and heat, making it a better surface for use with beauty products and heated tools than wood or other materials.


If you’re considering installing countertops in a unique space like a walk-in closet or your laundry room, Kowalski Granite & Quartz has an unbeatable selection of stone countertop materials that will work in any space. For smaller countertop applications, we also have a selection of smaller remnant pieces that mean you don’t have to purchase a whole stone slab for your project. Stop by today to see what we have to offer!