When you think granite, you probably think countertops, and that means you think of the kitchen or bathroom. But granite is a gorgeous and versatile material that can look good in any room of your home. It’s so luxurious that it can make your living room stand out. But how? Here are a few ways to incorporate granite into your living room.

Fireplace Mantel

Unlike other many other natural and engineered stones typically used for countertops, granite is heat resistant. This means that granite can withstand the heat of a working fireplace, and its striking appearance makes your fireplace—already the focal point of your living room—even more stunning and attention-getting.


If you don’t want a granite fireplace, but still want your mantel to make a statement, a granite clock can be that statement piece. Granite makes for a luxurious looking timepiece that is classic and timeless.

Coffee Table

Granite is an excellent surface for countertops, and it’s just as good as the surface of a coffee table. It’s heat, scratch, and stain resistant, so if your kids forget to use coasters or you eat dinner on the couch one night, your coffee table can take it.

End Tables  

For a more toned down but still attractive and sophisticated look, you can use granite as a tabletop for matching end tables. There are so many granite colors and patterns available that, no matter your aesthetic, granite can be the perfect accent to any family room.

If you’re interested in granite for your countertops, tabletops, fireplaces, or mantels, our granite artisans can turn a granite slab into a statement piece. Stop by our showroom to see our granite offerings and to discuss your project.