In today’s world, countertops come in so many different colors, patterns, and materials that you can have one as unique as your heart desires. One of the most popular options is natural stone countertops. But what exactly are natural stones, and what types of materials fit this classification? Let’s take a look.

What Are Natural Stone Countertops?

Natural stone countertops are exactly what they sound like. They are countertops made of solid natural stone. There are many different varieties and materials, and they are generally durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. 

Are Quartz Countertops Made of Natural Stone?

Yes, quartz countertops are made of natural stone because quartz is a natural stone. But that doesn’t mean quartz is considered a natural stone material. Other materials like resin and color dyes can be included in quartz, so it’s ultimately considered engineered or manufactured. 

6 Types of Natural Stone Countertops

There are many different types of natural stone, but only some are generally used as countertop materials. Some of them include the following:

  • Granite
    • The most common natural stone countertop
    • Extremely durable
    • Little to no maintenance
    • Wide selection of colors and patterns
    • Can be expensive
    • Doesn’t stain easily 
  • Soapstone
    • Can elevate the look of your home
    • Comes in dark colors
    • Environmentally-friendly
    • Doesn’t stain easily
    • Durable
    • Heat-resistant
  • Marble
    • Comes in a variety of colors
    • Elegant and sophisticated
    • Sensitive to scratches, staining, and cuts
    • Shouldn’t be cleaned with acid cleaners 
    • Can be costly 
    • Requires maintenance 
  • Porcelain
    • Easily hold up to spills, knives, and stains
    • Needs very little maintenance
    • Comes in polished or matte finishes
    • Can be quite affordable
  • Quartzite:
    • Considered a natural stone despite quartz not being classified as a natural stone
    • Durable
    • Scratch resistant
    • Comes in many different colors and patterns
    • Can be expensive
    • Can be damaged by sharp utensils
  • Limestone
    • Affordable
    • Attractrive 
    • Heat-resistant
    • Sensitive to scratches, staining, and cuts
    • Shouldn’t be cleaned with acid cleansers
    • Requires maintenance

Benefits of Natural Stone Countertops Over Other Countertop Materials

There are several benefits of natural stone countertops, like marble and granite, versus other countertop materials, like butcher blocks and laminates. Some of the natural stone benefits include:

  • Beauty: No matter what type of natural stone you choose, it’s hard to get more beautiful than natural stone. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and unique. You really can’t get better than that.
  • Durability: While each type of stone has its own issues, on the whole, natural stone is incredibly durable, and you won’t need to replace it or fix it very often.
  • Easy to clean: Some natural stone options have specific cleaning instructions, but most don’t require too much fuss. It doesn’t stain too easily and cleans up in no time.
  • Long-lasting: Because of the durability and easy cleanup, you will have a natural stone countertop for a long time. Unless you’re looking for a color or pattern update to your natural stone countertops, you won’t need to replace it for years to come.

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