Some people know exactly what kind of countertops they want in their new kitchens. For others, they have an idea of their style, but they aren’t sure what kind of countertops would look best. If you’re one of those people who knows your style but not your countertop material, let us help.


If you would describe your style as traditional, and you’re into greek columns, light walls and cabinets, ornate detailing, cornices, and gold accents, marble is most likely to appeal to you. It is elegant, classical, and comes in a variety of unique designs with rich natural veining. There’s a reason marble is what classical sculptors used for famous statues.

If you love the traditional look but don’t feel that marble is in your price range, there are many quartz countertop options that look like marble, but may be at a lower price. Additionally, if you love the look of marble but want something that requires a little less maintenance, marble-look quartz can also be a great option.


The contemporary look is sleek and minimalist, maybe even a little urban. Think: stainless steel appliances, chrome, dark woods like mahogany. For contemporary kitchens granite and quartz can both be good options, just depending on your color palette. Light countertops can look stunning against dark cabinetry, and vice versa, sleek dark countertops against a lighter warm wood or lighter countertops can create the perfect contrast. 


If you want the traditional, rustic, farmhouse look, soapstone countertops are the obvious choice. Soapstone is not only a traditional material for countertops, it’s also used for sinks. Plus, soapstone is an entirely recyclable material.

No matter what your personal style is, we have the countertop to match. Visit our showroom today!