Once you’ve selected the perfect slab of natural stone to use for a new bathroom or kitchen countertop, it’s important to complete the picture, framing your beautiful new surface with a pleasing edge style. From beveled to bullnose, there are countertop edge styles to suit everyone’s unique taste. Your ideal countertop edge will depend on the room where it will be featured — whether it’s a traditional kitchen or minimalist bathroom — as well as your personal taste and budget.

5 Popular Stone Countertop Edge Styles

From the modern eased edge to the decorative ogee edge, let’s take a look at five of the most popular countertop edge styles for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Eased Edge

The eased edge is a classic and simple look that will never go out of style. The corners are smoothed to remove sharpness but the countertop edge retains its square shape. The eased edge looks fresh and clean and is great for modern designs in both kitchens and bathrooms. This style is also very low-maintenance. Its simplified design is easy to clean because there aren’t complicated grooves or corners where grime can build up. The edge’s straightforward structure also indicates an eased price point when compared with more intricate countertop edge styles.

Bullnose Edge

The bullnose edge style is a unique look that features a fully rounded edge around the countertop border. Those that prefer a thicker-looking slab in the kitchen should save the bullnose edge for a bathroom countertop, as the semi-circle shape makes the edge appear thinner. This classic countertop edge style is great if you live with small children who are near head-height with the countertops, as there are no sharp corners to bump. The bullnose edge style adds subtle elegance without being distracting in your room design. It’s also available as half-bullnose, where the bottom edge is left flat.

Beveled Edge

Perfect for elegantly modern and chic traditional kitchens and bathrooms, the beveled edge style features a 45 degree angle which takes off the sharp point of the countertop corner. The angled edge looks expensive, though the cost is comparable to a simple rounded style. The beveled edge has clean and crisp lines, so it’s not distracting to the eye but adds visual interest to a contemporary space.

Ogee Edge

The ogee edge is one of the more intricate countertop edge styles, and is popular for use in traditional kitchens and bathrooms. The concave S-curve detail is sophisticated and eye-catching. It’s especially favored for marble countertops because it matches the flowing pattern that appears in this stunning natural stone.

The more work and detail added to the edge style, the more elegant the result, and the higher the price. The ogee edge requires careful shaping of the stone for a uniform and beautiful design. The intricate shape requires careful attention to keep the corners clean and free of dust and crumbs.

Chiseled Edge

To achieve a chiseled edge, the natural stone is left exposed with a rough edge to show off the distinct texture and sparkle of the stone. This edge type can be used in kitchens as well, but it’s more popular for bathrooms that have a rustic feel. The chiseled edge can feel more informal, especially compared to the ogee edge style, but it is full of charm and is a great way to enjoy all the colorful features of a unique stone slab, orphan, or remnant.

Custom Countertop Edge Styles

If you want a look that’s more customized, you can combine countertop edge styles to make your own design. A square dupont edge, a rounded top french cove style, or a double ogee — if you can imagine it, you can probably design it on the edge of your countertop. Talk with your stone fabricator about custom countertop edge styles to see what they recommend for your space and stone.

Any of these edge styles will make a beautiful addition to your room’s design and add an elegant frame to a natural stone countertop. Whether you want something to draw the eye with a stunning shape or blend seamlessly with the rest of your modern kitchen design, there are many countertop edge styles to choose from for your dream kitchen or bathroom counter. 

Still not sure which edge is right for you? No worries. Talk to the experts at Kowalski Granite & Quartz! We’re here to help you find the perfect finishing touches for your countertops, and we’d love to work with you to decide which countertop edge is best for your project.

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