Best Granite Countertop Alternatives 

A kitchen remodel is an exciting venture, and a big investment. When you put in that much time, money, and effort, you want to feel confident with the decisions you make along the way, and there are a lot of them! From color scheme and design style to layout and types of materials, of all the decisions before you, countertops are always a biggie, and granite is always a popular choice. 

But what if granite isn’t exactly affordable, or you simply want to go with a different type of stone? Knowing the alternative options to granite countertops can help you make a confident decision that fits best with your needs, lifestyle, and budget. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide. After all, you’ve got enough to think about on top of determining how and what to eat while your kitchen’s all torn up! 

Best Budget-Friendly Granite Countertop Alternatives

There are several materials that can be used to cut countertop costs, including laminate, wood, and concrete, but if your heart is set on stone, not to worry — you still have some cost-effective options. 


Naturally heat and stain resistant, environmentally-friendly, and durable (and oh, yeah, affordable!), soapstone countertops are a great alternative to granite, sporting a similar natural stone look along with a built-in barrier to bacteria. That means they’re perfect for busy families who are looking for clean and long-lasting stone countertops but don’t want to skimp on style. Typically, soapstone comes in darker shades of blue, green, and gray, so if this matches your dream kitchen colors, it’s a great choice for you!


One way to escape the price tag of a full slab is to consider getting it in tile form. Tiles can offer the same great stone countertop qualities and appearance but at a lower price. Sure, there is caulking involved, but with regular maintenance and sealing, just as with any type of countertop, you can keep tiled counters clean and looking their best for years.   

Granite Remnants

Guess what? You don’t have to rule out granite countertops just yet. Granite remnants are significantly discounted pieces of granite leftover from other projects. This option is definitely worth looking into as you just might find a piece that’s the perfect size and shape to fit your needs. Then, what do you know? You can have those granite countertops after all!

Best Look-Alike Granite Countertop Alternatives

If you love how granite looks but not how much it costs, there’s good news. It is possible to find a stone that mimics the look of granite, but not the price of it! The two alternative options closest in aesthetic to granite are marble and quartz.  


With its elegant veining and timeless look, marble remains a classic countertop choice that’s available in a variety of colors and patterns. Most marble is light in color, but not all, so even if you’re looking for an option on the darker side, you can get the same high-end look of granite at a lower cost.


Quartz is the combination of real quartz stone and resin that makes it super durable. It’s also super versatileit can be manufactured to imitate the look of granite in pretty much whatever shade you want! 

Quartzite is also an option that gives you a similar look. It does not have the brilliance or added binders of quartz, but still offers the look and strength of granite. 

Best Durable Granite Countertop Alternative

When durability tops your list of countertop needs, as mentioned above, quartz is your best bet! Because it’s made from a mix of mostly real quartz and additional polyresin binders, a quartz countertop not only provides a rock-solid surface, but also a rock-solid choice and investment! 

Best Place to Find Granite Countertop Alternatives

If you’re looking for natural stone, but not ready to commit to the cost of granite countertops, let us know! Kowalski Granite & Quartz has an expansive collection of beautiful natural stone options that are just as durable and unique as granite. We also have an entire remnant store full of deeply discounted granite and other natural stone remnants. Stop on into our warehouse to find the perfect pieces for your next project, or contact us online to learn more.  

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