Granite remnants are pieces of a granite slab that are left over from a previous project. Instead of throwing them away, granite remnants are perfect for use in other projects. One remnant store can have many remnants to choose from, of varying sizes, colors, and patterns. You may find the perfect small piece for a mantle, or several coordinating pieces enough to furnish a countertop project.

Why Shop for Granite Remnants?

Granite remnants have the same integrity and beauty of a full slab, just in a smaller package. There are many benefits to using granite remnants:

  • Perfect for small to mid-sized projects
  • Rare and unique patterns
  • Strong, durable natural stone choice
  • Raise the value of your project and home
  • High quality granite at a discounted price

How to Shop for Granite Remnants

If you’re willing to look through remnant stores, you can find many stunning granite remnants that would be ideal for your project. Knowing what to look for and how to shop for granite remnants can make this process easier. To find the best granite remnants, it helps to come prepared, know what to look for, and work with the right natural stone supplier. 

Come Prepared to Shop for Granite Remnants

When you head out to shop for granite remnants, you’ll want to be prepared so as soon as you spot the perfect piece for you, you can get started incorporating it into your project design. When you get to the remnant store, bring your project measurements, budget range, and any questions or concerns you have about the granite remnants or your project to ask a qualified expert. 

Also, it’s a good idea to come with an idea of the color palette for the project to help narrow your search — but make sure you stay open to exciting and unique pieces that might catch your eye. Or, you can always find the granite remnant first and then design the room around it as a focal point, bringing out the natural beauty of the stone.

Know What to Look for in Granite Remnants

Before you shop for granite remnants, it’s a good idea to get an understanding of the material first. When you understand the qualities of the stone and where they come from, you’ll be able to pick out the granite remnants that will work best with your design and lifestyle, and you’ll get a feel for the character of the stone. 

Granite is formed beneath the earth’s surface when magma cools and solidifies. The heat of the magma and the pressure of the earth’s layers shape the bands of the rock, giving it its unique patterns. Granite is typically light-colored, but can range in shades from deep green and black to light beige and gray.

Granite is an extremely dense and hard material, which makes it a great choice for countertops, vanities, tabletops, and many other projects that receive a lot of regular wear and tear. However, it will require a bit of maintenance to keep it in perfect condition. 

Work With a High Quality Natural Stone Supplier of Granite Remnants

Finally, and most importantly, you’ll want to do your research to shop for granite remnants from a well-known and trusted source. The best, most reputable natural stone suppliers will have more remnants to choose from and the remnants will be of better quality. 

A great natural stone supplier will also have experts available to help guide you through the process of selecting a remnant and getting it shaped and installed for your project. They’ll answer your questions, offer you personalized service, and help you understand the costs and timeline of your project.

Kowalski Granite & Quartz has an entire remnant and orphan store fully stocked with deeply discounted granite remnants and orphans. Stop on in to find the piece that’s perfect for your next project. We’re here to answer your questions and help you complete your natural stone project with beautiful, high quality granite.

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