If you’re searching for ways to renovate a bathroom on a budget, you might have already considered options like choosing less expensive fixtures, opting for a smaller shower, or including fewer luxuries — but there’s another way you can save money on your bath reno and still enjoy the luxurious feel: Renovate your bathroom with natural stone remnants!

What Are Natural Stone Remnants?

Remnants are pieces of natural stone that are leftover from a previous job. In many cases, other projects, like kitchen countertops or dining tables, don’t need complete slabs, and rather than destroy or throw away the remaining material, it is priced at a deeply discounted price to be reused by someone looking for a smaller piece.

Although incomplete slabs, most remnants are still large enough to be used for small and medium-sized projects. Sometimes matching or coordinating pieces can be used together to even accommodate large projects. Natural stone remnants are available at your local stone supplier’s warehouse for customers to search through for the perfect piece.

Why Renovate a Bathroom with Natural Stone Remnants?

Remnants are the perfect choice for a bathroom remodel. Since you’re working with a smaller space, you’re likely to find plenty of deeply discounted remnants sure to fit your project.

Remnants can be granite, quartz, marble, or any other type of stone. Extremely rare varieties and patterns can be found in the remnant store. There are sure to be options in the type, color, and pattern that would work well with your bathroom design. 

Bathroom Renovation Ideas Using Natural Stone Remnants

To renovate a bathroom with natural stone remnants, look for a piece that fits the palette you’re going for. Or, choose the remnant first, then design the rest of the bathroom around the natural colors in the stone. Here are a few more design ideas to renovate a bathroom with remnants.

Stay Neutral

Use a neutral colored with subtle veins for a calming backdrop, then add pops of color using your accents: curtains, towels, bathmats, and rugs.

Stand Out

Choose a brightly-colored or uniquely-patterned remnant to use as a focal point, then keep the rest of the design muted to not distract from the beautiful natural stone.

Add Detail

If there’s not enough of one remnant to do your entire bathroom, use it to add thoughtful details to the room’s design. Use smaller pieces to make a backsplash, or add details in the floor or shower.

Striking Contrast

Choose purposely contrasting colors between elements in the room to create strong visual contrast, such as between the vanity and the cabinetry.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to use two or more types of stones, different colors or patterns in the same room. For example, use one remnant for the vanity, and another for the sink or shower. Experiment with different styles until the design of the room feels cohesive. 

Remnants have a lot to offer your bathroom renovation. Not only do they offer endless design options, but they’re also better for your budget! 

Looking for beautiful natural stone to spruce up your bathroom, but not sure you can afford an entire renovation? Stop on into Kowalski Granite & Quartz and check out our massive selection of solid stone remnants. We’re offering granite, quartz, and marble remnants, all at a deeply discounted price. You might just find the stone you’ve been looking for! 

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