If you’re shopping for quartz countertops, you have a lot to consider. While most quartz countertop brands will offer strength and impact-tested materials as well as stain, scratch, and heat resistant surfaces, they often differ in the styles and special features that make each countertop truly unique. That’s why we created this quartz countertop brand comparison of some of the top brands in the industry, to help you decide which quartz countertop brand is right for you. 

Silestone Quartz Countertops

silestone quarts countertop

Silestone created their own engineered product using a unique combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that boost strength and resistance. Silestone quartz has many similarities to natural stone. The product is available in a range of realistic textures and over 90 colors. You can choose from natural marbled, granulate, or metallic styles; polished, suede, raw, or volcano textures; and hues of black, brown, white, grey, cream, or gold to create a myriad of beautiful countertop options. Beyond appearance, Silestone quartz  countertops have a non-porous surface that won’t stain — even from spills of coffee, oil, vinegar, or wine. All Silestone products are also impact resistant and backed by a 25 year warranty.

Silestone quartz countertops are perfect for kitchen and bath applications. To try out their available styles, you can use their online visualizer or 3D kitchen countertop modeling tool.

Corian Quartz CountertopsCorian Quartz countertop

Formerly known as Zodiaq Quartz, this quartz countertop brand uses pure quartz crystals that shine like diamond flecks to create pieces that are as uniquely stunning as they are functional and durable. Corian designs their quartz countertops to be very low maintenance. Without any sealing, polishing, waxing, or reconditioning required, all you need to keep them clean and sparkling is soap and water. 

The strong engineered surface is reinforced with hard quartz crystals that give the countertop durability against everyday minor scratches, nicks, and other daily wear and tear. Quartz countertops’ non porous construction leaves nowhere for bacteria and mold to grow, so you have a hygienic surface for cooking, eating, and living. Corian products are covered by a 10-year transferable limited warranty.

Corian quartz countertops come in a 2cm or 3cm width. A larger width is more popular in midwest kitchens, where the smaller is common for bathroom vanities. Standard slabs are 63 x 200 inches. When it comes to style, Corian offers a range of light to dark hues with up to 48 different color and pattern options. They also have bookmatching as an additional feature, which uses mirrored designs in seams of countertops or vertical wall corners to create a unique effect. Corian surfaces can also be customized with a variety of edge styles

Mont Surfaces

Mont Quartz countertop

Wholesale distributor Mont Surfaces offers a curated collection of stunning quartz surfaces as well as granite, porcelain, marble, soapstone and other countertop materials.

Mont Surfaces engineered quartz countertops combine the natural beauty of stone with well-crafted engineering expertise to deliver a sturdy and hard wearing countertop. Every quartz slab is unique, with variations in color and pattern like you would find in nature. With 55 different colors and patterns to browse, you’ll be sure to find your ideal quartz countertop at Mont Surfaces. Their products can reach stringent sanitary conditions without the use of sealants, waxes, harsh chemicals or other treatments. 

When caring for your Mont Surfaces quartz countertops, avoid abrasive cleaners like pine oil, oven cleaners, or soda. Simply use water and soap to remove food debris and clean up spills. Mont Surfaces quartz countertops are heat, scratch, and stain resistant, and are further protected by a 15 year limited warranty that covers repair or replacement for any product failure caused by a manufacturing defect.

Dwyer Marble & Stonedwyer marble

Dwyer Marble & Stone offers 40 colors and patterns of quartz slabs in hues from white to cream, or grey to black. They create engineered quartz slabs with special patterns to mimic limestone, granite, onyx, slate, concrete, and marble — but with added durability and resistance. Dwyer quartz countertops can be used to achieve modern, contemporary, and classic looks for your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. Their products are available in brushed and textured surfaces as well as polished and suede.

Dwyer quartz countertops are some of the most wear-resistant on the market. They are also heat, stain, impact, and scratch resistant. Non porous quartz countertops are easy to clean and unaffected by bleach, oil, vinegar or citrus — but it’s recommended to clean any spill within 24 hours to protect the finish of your quartz surface. Dywer offers a 15 year warranty for all quartz countertop products. 

ColorQuartz Countertops

color quartz countertop

ColorQuartz countertops offer the same non porous, stain resistant, and maintenance-free quartz countertops like other brands, with more distinctive colors and patterns. Using engineered stone and added elements like quartz crystals, minerals, and even recycled glass, mirrors, or crystals, Colorquartz countertops are expressive and versatile, with marble-like movement and texture. These countertops are compacted under intense pressure to create a non-porous, naturally antibacterial surface. 

The company is also committed to environmental sustainability. Many of their countertop styles use up to 30 percent recycled materials. During product development, all waste is collected and reused, including water and dust. Colorquartz also uses energy efficient light fixtures and clean energy in their production facilities. If you’re looking for a quartz countertop brand that cares as much about your surface’s quality and durability as their impact on the environment, Colorquartz is the choice for you.

This quartz countertop brand comparison should help you understand the incredible range of colors, styles, and brands available to you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices, stop into your local natural stone supplier to find which quartz countertops look and feel best for you. 

No matter which quartz brand you love best, Kowalski offers them all. Stop in to see our complete selection in person, or take a look at some of our customer favorites up on our website. For more information about these brands, or to discuss our other products, give us a call or reach out to us online.

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