Natural stone remnants are leftover pieces of large stone slabs that were used in a major project. These remnants still hold all the qualities and beauty of the original slab, but aren’t big enough to take on, say, a full-out kitchen remodel. However, just as it is with good food you don’t want to waste, you can enjoy these leftovers in multiple ways! 

Here is a collection of creative applications that are the perfect-sized projects for natural stone remnants, sure to bring added beauty to any home.   

#1: Convert Natural Stone Remnants into Coasters 

Cut or use small squares of stone remnants (or any shape for that matter), attach felt to the bottom, and voila! You have yourself a unique and stylish set of coasters. If the remnants happen to come from your new countertop, even better —  they’ll protect it and match it too! 

Granite works especially well for this since it’s naturally heat resistant, which is why, if you’ve got a slightly bigger piece, you might want to make yourself some trivets while you’re at it. 

#2: Construct a Kitchen Island from Natural Stone Remnants 

If you have a large remnant, using it to top a kitchen island instantly takes your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary! A natural stone-topped island provides a non-porous, scratch, and stain-resistant surface for added counter, cooking, and serving space that also happens to be a conversation centerpiece. 

#3: Transform Natural Stone Remnants into Kitchen Tools

While larger remnants are great for topping kitchen islands and buffets, smaller pieces can give your kitchen an even bigger boost of style. Natural stone remnants can be used for making everything from serving trays to Lazy Susans to fancy cheese and charcuterie boards sure to impress your guests.

#4: Create a Classy Cutting Board from Natural Stone Remnants 

Along with the other kitchen tools we mentioned, a traditional cutting board can be replaced with one made from a remnant for an instant upgrade. An extra piece of stone makes for a beautiful and functional cutting board, and since stone is less porous than wood, it’s actually more hygienic to boot. Bonus: the flat, smooth surface is excellent for rolling out dough! 

#5: Turn Natural Stone Remnants into a Bar Top 

Let’s get out of the kitchen and transform your man cave into a superman cave by using a natural stone remnant to top off your bar. Since natural stone is durable; resistant to scratches, liquid, and stains; and easy to maintain, it’s perfect for converting an old bar into a renewed statement piece. 

#6: Give Your Fireplace Surround Style with Natural Stone Remnants 

Using remnants to revamp a fireplace surround and mantel not only creates a stunning focal point but also ties in with your countertops for a cohesive and stylish overall home design. Natural stone holds in the heat too, making it an even greater choice for a fireplace update. 

#7: Use Natural Stone Remnants to Beautify Your Bathroom 

Add a bit of glamor to your bathroom by using a remnant for a gorgeous stone vanity, shower seat, shelf, or all three! You can even make a window sill or a beautiful backsplash for even more bling.

#8: Repurpose Natural Stone Remnants as Furniture Accents

Natural stone makes for a durable, low maintenance place to set a computer or coffee mug, so it makes sense to upgrade the look of your office, living room, or game room by using remnants to top desks or coffee and side tables. It’s like giving your furniture a facelift! You can even make simple yet stylish bookends or use small pieces as a base for candles or lamps. Suddenly a tired room will look modern and sleek.  

#9: Make Natural Stone Remnants into Masterpieces  

Create unique works of art by using or breaking up small stone remnants and arranging them into a mosaic masterpiece! From tabletops to wall art to a stunning backsplash, even the smallest of remnants can become showstoppers.  

#10: Spruce up Outdoor Space with Natural Stone Remnants 

Why should the inside of your house be the only beneficiary of beautiful natural stone? There are a number of outdoor projects for which stone remnants can be used, starting with an outdoor kitchen that will make you the envy of your neighbors! 

Water features are also a great use of remnants, along with stepping stones, walkways, and other landscape and garden decor.  

These are just a handful of ideas for using natural stone remnants to rev up your design and decor, but believe us, there are many more! Remnants are versatile pieces that can be used for a wide variety of applications, and they’re available at an affordable price. 

Even if you don’t have leftover pieces from a large project, you can purchase natural stone remnants to use for mid-to small-sized projects galore.  

Contact our team at Kowalski Granite & Quartz to learn more about the remnants we offer and how you can use them to update your home. 

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