When you’re renovating your kitchen, there are so many stylistic choices to make that the profile of countertops often gets overlooked. There are many options to choose from, so if you aren’t familiar, you’re in the right place! We’ll discuss the best new countertop edge styles you can try in 2023. 

7 New Countertop Edge Styles for 2023

When choosing the perfect new countertops for your home, don’t forget to select your ideal style of counter edge. Not sure what to pick? Check out our favorite new countertop edge styles below for the new year. 

1. Straight Edge

Straight-edge countertops appear exactly as you’d think – straight and flat. They have 90-degree angles on the top and bottom and resemble a square edge. These types of countertops are common with laminate materials.

straight edge

2. Eased Edge

Eased edges are similar to squares, but the top and bottom edges have a slight curvature. They’re not round, but they’re filed down just enough so that the edges have an element of softness (think along the same idea of a cushion-cut diamond). Eased edges are ideal if you prefer a flat profile but don’t want sharp edges.

eased edge

3. Bullnose

When you look at bullnose edges from the side, the edge will resemble a half circle. Both the bottom and top edges are round and create a perfect curve. This is a soft profile and is ideal for homes with children who could injure themselves on sharp edges. 

bullnose edge

4. Half Bullnose

As the name suggests, a hall bullnose countertop is rounded along the top edge but not the bottom. The bottom edge is squared off, like a straight edge, so you’ll end up with a gentle slope. One of the benefits of this style is that it’s super easy to clean!

half bullnose edge

5. Beveled Edge

One of the most popular edge styles on the market right now is beveled edges. Beveled edges have a 45-degree “slice” taken off along the top edge, creating an angle rather than a curve. This creates a more modern aesthetic than bullnose, and it’s still easy to clean and low-maintenance. 

beveled counter

6. Ogee

One of the more artistic countertop styles is the ogee edge. With ogee edges, two curves will create a subtle “S” shape. These edges are more profound than other profiles, and they hang further past the edge of the cabinet. While this style isn’t considered modern, it is typically found in homes that aim for a traditional, luxurious feel. 

ogee countertop edge

7. Glued-Up Edges

A glued-up edge, also known as a miter edge, refers to a countertop edge perimeter that has been added on in order to give the counter a thicker appearance. Typically, granite, marble, and quartz are about 1 ¼” thick. With the addition of a glued-up edge, the countertop can appear to be as thick as 2 ½”. Most materials can be seamlessly altered to achieve this look. In some cases, support will need to be installed on the bottom of the countertop to allow for doors and drawers to functional, but Kowalski Granite & Quartz is happy to assist with this. 

glued up edges

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