If you’re considering granite countertops (or maybe a tabletop or mantel), you probably want to know as much as possible so that you can make an informed decision and come away satisfied with your choice. Before you buy, here’s everything you need to know about granite countertops.


How is Granite Formed?


For those who are scientifically-minded, concerned about the environmental effects of natural stone countertops, or just want to learn more about granite, this post explains how granite is formed and mined, and how it gets to be a countertop in your kitchen or bathroom.


How to Maintain Your Granite Countertops


The title speaks for itself here: it’s what you need to know about keeping your granite countertops clean and in good condition.


Granite and Radon: Am I at Risk?


Many people are concerned when they hear the word “radon” in association with something that goes into their homes, like granite countertops. This post dispels some of the myths about granite and radon and explains what’s really going on.


Unique Granite Countertop Ideas


A lot of people like granite countertops, but that doesn’t mean that yours have to be boring or run of the mill. This post lists some unique ideas for granite countertops, so your kitchen has a unique flair and matches your style.


Using Granite in Your Living Room


There are lots of ways granite can offset and accent your living room for a stunning and modern look, from a showstopper mantel to matching end tables. This post has examples of granite for the living room that can set your space apart.


Why Granite Countertops are the Right Choice for Your Bathroom


Granite is not just for the kitchen


Beyond Countertops: Other Applications for Granite in Your Home


Granite is a versatile material, and it’s too attractive to keep it just in the kitchen or bathroom. This post outlines just a few of the things you can do with granite to beautify your home, to the living room and beyond.


Quartz vs. Granite: How Do I Choose?


A helpful comparison of the two most popular countertop materials.

Bonus! A post dedicated to comparing just the cost of granite and quartz: Cost Comparison: Granite vs. Quartz


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