As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s take a moment to celebrate the year’s standout products. At Kowalski Granite and Quartz, we’ve had the privilege of serving our customers who have entrusted us with transforming their homes and businesses. Here are the top 10 products that captured their hearts and homes this year. Granite and quartz have been at the forefront of our offerings since 1991, admired for their durability, beauty, and versatility. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, these are the Top 10 Granite & Quartz Products as chosen by our customers in 2023:

The Top 5 Granite Selections

1. Caravelas Leather Granite from Mont Surfaces

Caravelas leather granite from Mont Surfaces is a testament to nature’s artistic prowess. Its striking blend of earth tones and soft leathered texture offers a unique aesthetic. The leathered finish not only adds tactile depth but also makes this granite less prone to fingerprints and smudges. We recommend using a granite like Caravelas Leather in high-traffic areas of the home like a kitchen island or bathroom vanity. 

Images via MSI Surfaces.

2. Black Pearl Brushed Granite from MSI Surfaces

Black Pearl Brushed Granite from MSI Surfaces is a top selection of 2023 due to its dramatic elegance. This deep black stone, adorned with silver and gray flecks, adds an air of sophistication. The brushed finish creates an intriguing interplay of light and shadow with this granite’s natural texture. We recommend Black Pearl brushed granite for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its durability stands up to extreme weather conditions making it a good choice for outdoor kitchen countertops and patio surfaces. Image via Stone Design / Image via shellysells.stones

3. Fantasy Brown Quartzite from Stone Design

Fantasy Brown quartzite from Stone Design blurs the line between granite and marble. Its intricate patterns are reminiscent of a tranquil desert landscape with hues ranging from creamy beige to warm gray with subtle veining. We recommend using Fantasy Brown quartzite where it can play the lead role of a space like a kitchen island or a fireplace surround. Using the remnants of a luxury stone like this for coasters, trivets, and side tables is also something we offer to make the most of each slab.  Image via Stone Design / Image via Home Decor Bliss blog

4. Blue Dunes Granite from Stone Design

Blue Dunes granite from Stone Design is a testament to the power of nature’s palette. This granite evokes the serenity of coastal landscapes with its striking blend of blues, grays, and creams. Its speckled appearance and polished finish create a shimmering effect, reflecting the essence of tranquil waters. We recommend pairing Blue Dunes with backsplashes in gray tones, light blues, or muted greens for an appealing combination in kitchen and baths. Image via MSI Surfaces / Image via @omega_stone_ltd

5. Steel Grey Leather Granite from MSI Surfaces

Steel Grey leather granite from MSI Surfaces is a classic reimagined with a contemporary twist. The leathered finish imparts a tactile quality, enhancing its visual appeal while adding a layer of practicality. This granite boasts a deep gray hue with subtle hints of lighter tones and veins. We recommend this resilient leather-finished granite for areas of high traffic like outdoor patio bar tops and hardworking kitchen countertops for both function and sophistication.

The Top 5 Quartz Selections

Image via Corian / Image via @craftedcountertopsinc

1. Calacatta Villa Quartz from Corian Quartz

Calacatta Villa quartz from Corian Quartz is the embodiment of luxury. Its white background, bold veining, and intricate details effortlessly replicate the timeless beauty of Calacatta marble. This is a well-loved option for those desiring the classic elegance of marble without the maintenance. We recommend Calacatta Villa quartz for kitchens and baths needing both function and opulence. Its non-porous surface ensures easy cleaning and long-lasting beauty, making it a practical choice when paired with lighter-toned wood textures. Image via Mont Surfaces / Image via @racountertops

2. Sparkling White Quartz from Mont Surfaces

Sparkling White quartz from Mont Surfaces exudes radiance. Its pure white base is adorned with a subtle shimmer when light reflects upon it. This quartz is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. We recommend Sparkling White across a wide range of applications from kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities as well as using its remnants for ancillary design elements like shower shelves and thresholds. Image via Aqua Kitchen.

3. Ashen Gray Quartz from Corian Quartz

Ashen Gray quartz from Corian Quartz offers a contemporary take on neutral tones. Its soft gray hues and fine speckles create a serene canvas for interior design inspired by modern elegance. We recommend using Ashen Gray quartz in residential spaces where its understated beauty can complement the low-maintenance durability required in busy households. Image via Mont Surfaces.

4. Alpine Engineered Quartz from Mont Surfaces

Alpine Engineered quartz from Mont Surfaces expresses the essence of an arctic terrain. With its blend of warm grays and high-contrast veining, this quartz selection elevates the style in residential spaces. Easy upkeep of this material is an added convenience. We recommend this quartz take center stage in kitchen islands and fireplace surrounds with complimenting warm shades in surrounding design elements. Images via MSI Surfaces.

5. Calacutta Classique Quartz from MSI Surfaces

Calacutta Classique quartz from MSI Surfaces is a timeless favorite. It mirrors the allure of Calacatta marble with its gray veining and elegant detailing. This option is a staple for those craving the look of marble with the durability of quartz. We recommend Calacutta Classique quartz for kitchens and baths seeking an enhanced level of sophistication. Its resistance to stains and scratches ensures it retains its lustrous appearance year after year. Thank you to our customers for allowing us to serve you in 2023 with our top granite and quartz materials. From the captivating textures of Caravelas leather granite to the timeless elegance of Calacatta Villa quartz, these products have transformed customers’ homes through the design process and upon our 1-week installations. We’ll continue to provide the finest quality materials of granite and quartz in 2024 as we have for the West Michigan area since 1991. If you’re looking to refresh your kitchen or bath in the New Year, contact us today!