Designing a new kitchen or remodeling your existing kitchen is an exciting prospect, but not one that comes without a little bit of work and planning. If you’re getting new countertops, you might be wondering about the installation process: what it involves, how long it takes, and whether your kitchen will be out of commission for weeks (it won’t!).

Here’s what to expect from the countertop installation process and how we get from this:

countertop template and finishing for installation

To this:

quartz installed in the kitchen


In order to cut the slab you’ve selected to the correct size for your countertops, first, we have to create a template. We do this by sending one of our skilled installers to measure by hand and create a physical template of the space. We don’t use digital imaging or laser equipment because we prefer the artisan way.


The next step is layout. We take the template of your countertop and lay it directly onto the stone to determine how the stone will look once cut and shaped. You can allow us to make those determinations, but if you want a certain part of the stone, movement, or color to be featured in a certain spot on your countertop, we will work with you to make that happen.


Fabrication is the artistic step of the process. Since we opened in 1991, we’ve been fabricating countertops the artisan way: cutting, fabricating, edging, and hand polishing your stone to the template and layout, and your specifications. 

Tear out

While all this is going on, we can perform tear out of your old countertops for you. Rather than installing on top of your existing countertops, which can interfere with the look and the function of your countertops, we will remove and dispose of your old countertops for you.


Once your new countertop is fabricated and your old countertop (if you had an old countertop) is removed, we bring your new countertops and install them, ensuring that everything fits to plan and meets your approval. If anything isn’t right, we’ll fix it right away, leaving you with the new countertops you wanted.

Kowalski Granite & Quartz not only sells natural and engineered stone slabs and fabricates countertops, but we also take care of the installation process. Let us guide you through it from start to finish!